Tehnical support

Switch-disconnector-fuse STV D02

Switch-disconnector-fuse combines the functions of the switch and of the fuse D0 with the following advantages:

- The changing of the fuse-link without danger of direct touch of parts under voltage.
- Snap-on mounting on rail according to EN 60715.
- The complete protection against touch according to VBG 4.
- The possibility of connecting supply from the upper or from the lower side.
- It can be used as a main switch and tariff fuse in a single device.
- Possibility of sealing in ON or OFF positions with or without fuse-link

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AFDD - Arc fault Detection device

Eti is launching new product called AFDD - Arc fault Detection Device. It is fully combined with residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) and miniature circuit breaker (MCB).
Main purpose of the product is that it detects and quenches arc faults in final circuits.

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Modular metal cabinets SOLID GSX

New Metal distributors SOLID GSX  with their modular design enable the assembly and wiring of the appliances in the workplace and high flexibility with superb protection and appearance.

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Residual Current Circuit Breaker with integral Overcurrent Protection KZS-4M 2p B type

Universal residual current sensitivity:
A type protection +
Smooth DC +
High Frequency AC

The only 2-pole compact version of RCBO B type on the market


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New generation of NH gG fuse-links for protection of PV inverters in 800V a.c. system in standard NH sizes

ETI is introducing new series of NH gG fuse-links for cable protection in 800V a.c. system:

Features and benefits:  
- Load switching capacity up to 800V a.c.
- Meets IEC photovoltaic standards
- In standard NH size dimensions
- Extremely low power dissipation
- High breaking capacity
- Designed to protect against a full range of overcurrents
- High temperature and internal pressure resistant ceramic material
- Innovative design of melting elements

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New generation of NH horizontal fuse-switch disconnectors KVL

ETI is introducing new series of horizontal fuse-switch disconnectors KVL..

Basic advantages:

-Uniform cover cutout for all sizes
-Reversible adaption to 5mm or 10mm thick bars
-Easy changing of cable terminal from bottom side to top side
-Wide range of accessories to match your application

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ETI is introducing new series of plastic fuse base PFB D0.

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PT Plastic Fuse Bases

PT plastic fuse bases are offered as a compact and simple solution for application of fuses as protective elements in low voltage distribution boards and are characterized by silver plated contacts and a broad range of connections.

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PK Fuse Bases with Ceramic Insulation

PK fuse bases with ceramic insulation for NH fuses are suitable for surface mounting on mounting plates and can be used in combination with NH fuse-links according to DIN VDE 0636-2/IEC 60269-2 as well as solid links.

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Railway fuse


  • for protection of railway installations
  • for protection of high voltage switchgear

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