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ETI is introducing new series of plastic fuse base PFB D0.

Advantages of plastic fuse base PFB D0:

Compact housing design without additional covers – IP 20 protection class, faster assembling
All parts are made of firestop material (GW 960°C)
More grip area for screwing caps
Front print – product data visible after installation in the cabinet
LED indication when fuse link operates - working also in case of open circuit at minimal wire capacitance
Contact material Cu - lower temperature rise, very lower power dissipation
Double input terminal - availability of connecting wire and isolated Busbar
Modular design -availability of assembling multi-pole versions on construction site
Two position snapper - enables easy replacement




PT Plastic Fuse Bases

PT plastic fuse bases are offered as a compact and simple solution for application of fuses as protective elements in low voltage distribution boards and are characterized by silver plated contacts and a broad range of connections.

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PK Fuse Bases with Ceramic Insulation

PK fuse bases with ceramic insulation for NH fuses are suitable for surface mounting on mounting plates and can be used in combination with NH fuse-links according to DIN VDE 0636-2/IEC 60269-2 as well as solid links.

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Railway fuse


  • for protection of railway installations
  • for protection of high voltage switchgear

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Air circuit breakers

Air circuit breakers ETIPOWER are used for protection of distribution lines, generators and other electrical equipment from effects of overload and short-circuit currents.

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KZS 2M2p is a residual current circuit breaker with both poles protected combining the features of a miniature circuit breaker and a residual current circuit breaker and is functionally independent on line voltage.

Used primarily in circuits with an increased requirements regarding touch voltage such as circuits of portable appliances, in kindergartens, schools, hospitals etc.

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NH DC 1000V aR

ETI is introducing new series of Fuse link for DC application: NH DC 1000 V aR.

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Protection of Photovoltaic Systems

ETI provides high-quality solutions for the complete overcurrent and overvoltage protection of applications in the field of photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources.

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CP Reactive Power Compensation Components

ETI is introducing components for reactive power compensation. It consists of:

  • Three-phase capacitors

  • Capacity Duty Contactors CEM_CN

  • PFC power factor controllers

  • Detuning reactors

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Rotary cam switches

Rotary cam switches series CS are intended for multiple switching operations in main as well as in auxiliary circuits:

  • As motor switches they are designed for direct-online starting and stopping of single- phase and three-phase motors. They also come out as star-delta switches, reversing switches, pole-change over motor switches

  • In auxiliary circuits they are assembled in compliance with the switching programme according to preference:

• switches for control, signalling and measuring circuits.

• switches, selector switches and step switches e.g. for transformers and welding apparatuses.

• Group switches e.g. for switching operations of resistors and heaters.

• Control switch with automatic return

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