Tehnical support

New generation of NH gG and gS fuse-links for protection of PV inverters in 800V a.c. system in standard NH sizes

ETI is introducing new series of NH gG and gS fuse-links for cable protection in 800V a.c. system:

Features and benefits:  
- Load switching capacity up to 800V a.c.
- Meets IEC photovoltaic standards
- In standard NH size dimensions
- Extremely low power dissipation
- High breaking capacity
- Designed to protect against a full range of overcurrents
- High temperature and internal pressure resistant ceramic material
- Innovative design of melting elements

New fuse-links to answer the increased demands of PV inverters' output protection 

As one of the first among the producers of NH fuse-links, ETI has developed a new generation of NH gG and gS fuse-links, specially designed for cable protection on 800V a.c. system voltage.

At the moment ETI is offering sizes NH00, NH1 and NH3 gG fuse-links, from rated current 6A up to 315A; and sizes NH00, NH1, NH2 and NH3 gS fuse-links, from rated current 63A up to 500A; designed and tested on 800V a.c. with very low power dissipation and high breaking capacity. On a customer request, we are also ready to develop even higher rated currents.


-For cable protection on a.c. side of 1500V PV inverter

Recommended Accessories:
-Ceramic fuse bases
-Plastic fuse bases
-Fuse disconnectors