Tehnical support

NEW AFDD - Arc fault Detection Devices series

Introducing the new AFDD, which is a combination of a residual current circuit breakers (RCCB), miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and arc detection device (AFDD). Additional advantages of the device are overcurent and short circuit protection of both poles, connection from the top and bottom. Versions with rated currents up to 32A, tripping characteristics B and C and rated residual operating current  30 mA. 

- Complete protection: MCB, RCCB and AFDD in one device
- Test button enables user to check residual functionality
- All necessary technical installation information can be found on the front of the device
- LED indication of various types of fault 
- Rated shortcircuit capacity:10 kA
- Overcurrent and short circuit protection of both poles
- Better protection of terminals against touching the parts under voltage
- Real contact position indication for easier identification, whether the device is in ON or OFF position
- Clearly marked terminals to ensure appropriate connection
- High mechanical endurance: 20.000 cycles
- High electrical endurance: 10.000 cycles