Tehnical support

Screw type terminals

Screw type terminals

In low voltage interconnections, different connecting elements are used to form functional wire connections.

The safety of the connection depends on the connecting technics, which is being used (wire connector, screw connection, faston, terminal etc.) and has to be attached to the conductor without special skilfulness of the electrician and irrespective of the type and the mood of the connection. The connecting technics have influence on the condition of current flow between two elements which are on electrical and mechanical connection and on the mood of connecting technic.

For this purpose we designed a terminal with direct pressure, which provides electrical, mechanical, thermal and connecting satisfaction according to several recognized international regulations (IEC 947-7-1, IEC 947-7-2, IEC 685-2-2, IEC 685-1). Electrical parameters which are necessary for exploitation are marked on each unit of the connecting terminal. Upon request it is possible to order terminals in several different colours.