Tehnical support

Modular metal cabinets SOLID GSX

New Metal distributors SOLID GSX  with their modular design enable the assembly and wiring of the appliances in the workplace and high flexibility with superb protection and appearance.

Basic advantages:

- ETI protective devices are installed in cabinets up to 250A
- Surface and flush mounting
- Optional protection degree (up to IP44 maximum) up to max. 252 units of ETI modular appliances (max. height of locker 1200 mm)
- CP overlay modular metal plates with earthing screw,
- PM mounting brackets for circuit breakers, switches, fuse separators
- Quick and easy installation, possibility of sealing assembly plates
- The removable back panel makes it easier to wiring
- The possibility of simple division of the housing (eg field aggregate / field of the network
-The ability to assemble and wiring the appliances on the workbench and subsequently insert into the housing
- 160 mm cabinet depth provides enough room for wiring
- Supplied mounting bracket and screws,
- Different types of locks
- Protection with high-quality polyester paint, resistant exposed to UV radiation
- Type tests according to: EN 62208: 2011
- Standards: IEC / EN 62208, IEC / EN 60529, IEC / EN 62262
- A simple configuration with the GSX configurator application that lists the entire cabinet
- custom cutouts on CP cover plates for various appliances (not just modular appliances)

There is also a stand-alone GSX Configuration application that allows you to graphically compile all possible configurations by simply using a computer mouse and a graphic component allocation (drag & drop mode). The application is available for free on our website:


Here is the example of SOLID GSX enclosure system: