Tehnical support

Technical ceramics

We have more than sixty years experience in the manufacturing of ceramic products. Our products are present by many applications at global market. We export more than 95% of our ceramics to worldwide customers. Most of products are designed and manufactured according customers requests and are used at their high demanded products and manufacturing processes. Their requests are our challenges and we are looking forward to develop them in common satisfaction.

Our technical ceramics are used at wide range of applications like: electrical engineering, electronics, automotive industry, household appliances, process engineering, high temperature applications and mechanical processes.

We produce complete range of silicate ceramic materials (porcelains, steatites, cordierites, mullites) and oxide ceramics. For any special requirement also modified material could be developed. We have several technological equipments to manufacture low or large-series production. Semi or full automatic production devices and tools are made by ETI.

Quality of products is our standard. We follow quality standards from customers as well international standard DIN 40680.