Quality and care for the environment



Management by integrating all employees and supplying adequate resources ensures that the requirements of the quality management system are constantly met. Constantly improving the efficiency of quality management to achieve the planned business results that are the basis for satisfaction of customers, employees, owners and the wider social community.

All employees of ETI are commited  to ensure the sustainable development of the company, the growth of its value, social security and professional development of the employees through the realization of the strategy and the achievement of the set goals, and positively influence the development of the environment.

The correctness of our guidelines and designs is proved by the obtained ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certificates and results in the field of business excellence.

You can find out more about our commitment to quality here

Care for the environment

With business excellence and appropriate attitude towards business partners, the environment and employees, we are developing into a competitive, profitable and developmentally viable company. We are committed to protecting the environment, so we constantly improve our processes and thus reduce the negative effects on the environment.

All employees of ETI are commited to continually check and improve the activities for achieving the set goals regarding the environment and preventing pollution through the implementation of environmental management activities in cooperation with our business partners, the wider social environment and organizations. In order to improve the efficiency and accountability of environmental management, we set both long-term and annual measurable targets. By thorough reflection we use natural resources and check and reduce the negative effects of our business on the environment.

More about our commitment to the environment can be found here.

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