Entry Control

The entry control in ETI is intended to follow the quality of delivered products with the intention of preventing their launch into further processing. We build a partnership with suppliers, meaning that the delivered products are accepted based on the attached statements and certificates. Only delivered products with a high risk level are subject to measurements and testing in the ETI entry control, meaning, that they are complex in regards to characteristics and significantly influence the quality of the end product.
Takeovers based only on accompanying documentation of the supplier are enabled by clearly defined entry requirements and suitably tested as well as approved first samples, made in stable and competent production processes of the supplier.
For the inspection of delivered products, ETI, along with general criteria and purpose designed end criteria, may also use:

  • profile projector  
  • spring force measuring device
  • spring momentum measuring device
  • tension durability measuring device (for thinner wires)
  • hardness measuring device
  • X-ray measuring device for thickness of galvanized finishes 

  • optical measuring device
  • X-ray imaging (Phoenix)

  • 3-coordinate measuring device

  • purpose built measuring devices for deactivation forces of mechanisms 
  • devices for life expectancy tests of mechanisms  

For every delivery, along with the accompanying documentation in cooperation with the warehouse, the suitability of packaging and marking with prescribed labels is also checked. In case that inconsistencies are identified upon entry or later in the production process, the entry control issues a complaint record, which directly influences the supplier rank. To prevent repeated inconsistencies or complaints, an 8D report is demanded from the supplier, which must clearly present the fundamental analysis of the original reason for the defect and the carried out efficient corrective measure. 

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