Supplier Evaluation

The creation of a system of comprehensive supply management is based on the transfer of the demands of our clients to the suppliers. Supplier evaluation means a planned gathering of information for the selection of new and the control of existing suppliers.

It ensures a constant quality of suppliers in the long run, should they be interested to remove errors.

Supplier Evaluation Criteria

Supplier Ranking

We rank suppliers into following groups based on the level at which they meet requirements:
  • A SUPPLIER is a supplier who, in the period of observation, meets quality as well as other requirements from the evaluation criteria.
  • B SUPPLIER is the one who, for the most part, meets our requirements. Occasional problems that may appear are removed by the supplier systematically and in the agreed upon deadlines..
  • C SUPPLIER meets quality requirements at a satisfactory level, we see weak points. The supplier is interested in cooperation and shows preparedness to progress up the ranks of suppliers.
  • D SUPPLIER does not meet requirements. Such a supplier consistently causes problems, the consequence of which are additional expenses.

Every supplier receives a ranking, based on which they prepare a suggestion for corrective and preventive measures, which are harmonised with the purchase department, as well as a schedule for implementation. Error removal must be guaranteed within a sensible time (in regards to how demanding the problem is).

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