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ETI is Slovenian Factory of the Year 2021

Today, the final selection of the best companies for the Slovenian Factory of the Year 2021 took place in Nazarje, and we at ETI are extremely proud that we were chosen among the extremely technologically advanced competitors. Other two finalists for the prestigious award were Eta Cerkno and Danfoss Trata.

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In recent years, ETI has invested heavily in technology upgrades (10% of annual revenues), with the greatest emphasis on production modernization according to Industry 4.0 principles. Today, as much as 85% of our production in Slovenia is automated, and we manage a highly complex portfolio with over 18,000 products. In the last 3 years, we have increased general production productivity by almost a quarter, and of residual current circuit breakers EFI program by as much as 66%.

The entire development of products, technologies and processes is the result of many years of experience, expertise and innovation of our team in Slovenia. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, we are the third most active innovator (in terms of the number of submitted innovations in the entire history of the Chamber) in Slovenia.

Last year, the constant growth of revenues and exports brought us the position of the 20th largest exporter in Slovenia according to the national newspaper Delo.

Our biggest competitive advantage is flexibility, as we are large enough to provide a sufficient volume of production, but at the same time small enough to be able to adapt to customer-specific requirements. In the last crisis, our success was also strongly supported (alongside the timely covid measures) by the fact that we produce most of the components for our products in-house, which made our production run much more smoothly than our competitors'.

All of these are the factors that promoted ETI as the winner of this prestigious award and thus the best factory in Slovenia in 2021.


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