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Software for designers

ETIsON Curves

ETIsON Curves is a software application which is useful tool for the following cases:

  • draw and analyse I/t curves of protection devices,
  • adjust and test settings of protection devices, study influence of changing protection curve shape,
  • analyse selectivity between protective devices,
  • simulate load or short circuit response of protection devices,
  • defining working points and limit conditions from real applications and define corresponding protection device,
  • making reports for project documentation.



Plug-in library for various CAD programs (AUTOCAD, ZWCAD, BRICSCAD, GSTARCAD, PROGECAD, ARES CAD...)


SPD Configurator

A configurator that helps you choose the appropriate / correct surge arrester.


Automatic transfer switch configurator

Software for designing various configurations of automatic transfer switch systems: driven by contactors (CEM, CES), MCCBs with motor operators (EB2) or motorised change over load break switches (MLBS CO).


Power losses configuration tool

The program that calculates the total thermal losses of the selected equipment and provides an analysis and recommendations for the installation of this equipment in the selected switchboard, taking into account the maximum allowable heat dissipation for this switchboard.


Database of EPLAN ETI products

EPLAN database of ETI products for users in residential, commercial, industrial installations.


ETI ACB Configurator

Configurator for air circuit breakers.


CP Program

Software for calculation and selection of appropriate reactive power compensation components.


Informative calculation of savings with reactive power compensation solutions

Informative calculation uses automatic power factor correction banks.


GSX Configurator - Program

Configurator for SOLID GSX enclosures, components and accessories.



Calculation HV Fuse-link according VDE 0671-105

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