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More than 6000 EPLAN ETI EDS products


Create electrical schemes, auto-wiring and 3D interior cabinet for electrical protection of residential, commercial and industrial installations. EDS parts are available in 11 different languages and in ETI tree structure. You can download a group of ETI EPLAN parts here (also xml parts), or individually edz file on ETI product site, under "Documents".


For individual EPLAN edz files, you can download it from the product ETI site... Example below.

For EPLAN designers more than 6000 ETI products are available at the moment, for users in residential, commercial, industrial installations:
ASTI program
MCBs: ETIMATs (from 0,5A to 125A, AC/DC), RCCBs: EFI-2, EFI-4, RCBOs: KZS-1M, KZS-2M, KZS-4M.
C program
Cylindrical fuse links
CP program
Reactive power compensation components.
D program
Diazed low voltage fuse links and fuse bases.
D0 program
Neozed low voltage fuse links, fuse bases and fuse–disconnection units.
ETIBOX program
Plastic and metal enclosures and equipment.
ETIBREAK program
Plastic and metal enclosures and equipment.
ETICON program
Miniature, motor and auxiliary contactors, overload relays and accessories.
Modular switch disconnectors, load break switches, rotary cam switches.
ETITEC program
Surge arresters.
EVE & ETIREL program
Build-in switches and devices, control equipment in low-power circuits, combined with buttons, switches, for automation systems, industrial plugin electromagnetic relays.
NH program
NH fuse links: gG/aM/gF/gTr characteristics, new ETI ceramic and plastic fuse bases, neutral terminal bases, LV NV fuse-rail tables, strip type fuse-switch-disconnectors and accessories.
VV program
Medium voltage fuse links and fuse bases.
Green protect DC program
Fuse links CH in NV/NH DC, gPV/gR characteristics, DC fuse bases and disconnectors (coming in the next update).


Product information is available in 11 languages: English, German, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian. Products include images, sizes, 2D views and links to product websites in 3 languages: English, German and Russian.

Products are created in tree structure, similar to ETI catalog and users just need to define the structure. Because of a tree, it is easier to choose products and enabling a good product overview.

The tree structure can be downloaded in main file bellow.

With implemented accessories, a designer has an option to choose a suitable disconnector or contactor accessories.
EPLAN users can download the the xml and edz library of ETI products.

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