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ETI's innovators awarded with silver 

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) awarded the most innovative companies and other organizations. Among the winners are also innovators from ETI.


 4-ETI-Hidria 5-ETI-RceNeM-prava


Miran Dolinšek, Blaž Pleterski, Franci Smrkolj, Tadej Drnovšek,

Bernie Bezenšek, Urban Majdič, Jože Majdič

(ETI Elektroelement d.o.o.) 

Alfio Krivičič, Boštjan Domijan, Gregor Kuštrin, Egon Hreščak,

Tomaž Boštjančič, Franci Volarič ( HIDRIA d.o.o. IA KOMPETENČNI CENTER) 

for Innovation: Industrialization of the new generation EFI-P

innovators:  Uroš Kovač, Miha Medved, Viktor Martinčič

for innovation: New generation of HV fuse-links

 Congratulations to all the Innovators!





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