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Home24h – Smart home of the Future


ETI participated in the European project Home24h - Smart home of the future for a comfortable and healthy living and working environment.


ETI's contribution to the whole project was aimed at a solution to protect the electrical installation of a smart home. ETI Prostik undertook the design and implementation of the main distribution board, which enables the entire house to be supplied with electricity.




Carefully selected protective elements inside the distribution board ensure effective protection of the electrical installation and consumers.


In addition to standard protection elements (residual current circuit breakers RCCBs, miniature circuit breakers MCBs, residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection RCBOs ...), the most important product innovations from ETI, which have been specially developed for the needs of the smart home, should be highlighted:


"Smart RCBO˝- Energy meter




The "smart" energy meter is therefore designed on the basis of the existing RCBO KZS -1M with an additional connectivity function. The measurement module constantly monitors the level of power consumption due to the voltage drop across the "measuring resistor" and sends the data to t via the built-in Z-Wave module. I. data concentrator. By connecting to the cloud, we can monitor the current power consumption and consumption "backwards" for various consumers in the house.






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