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Introducing the EVC-HOME11: Your Ultimate Home EV Charging Station

We're excited to launch the EVC-HOME11, our newest home charging station designed to make electric vehicle charging both simple and efficient in comfort of your home according EN61851-1 MODE 3 (AC charging). Perfect for any electric vehicle owner looking to enhance their charging capabilities at home.





Key Features:

  • Flexible Charging Options: Offers up to 11 kW on a 3-phase system or 3.7 kW on a single phase, accommodating different home setups.
  • Plug-and-Play: No complicated setup required. Once installed, just connect to your vehicle to start charging.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: Integrated RCCB EV type for residual current protection (A type + 6mA DC leakage detection), ensuring top-notch electrical safety.
  • Easy Installation: Designed as a wallbox, it’s straightforward to mount on wall and integrate into existing electrical systems.
  • Charging modes: fixed or dynamic (DLB) with compatible energy counter via RS485 communication.
  • Fixed cable (~5m) with Type 2 connector according EN 62196-1 already included.

User and installer-Friendly Design:

  • Simple Controls: Mechanical rotary selectors allow for easy adjustments of settings such as charging current and load balancing.
  • Durable and Informative: With an IP54 rating for indoor/outdoor use and RGB LED indicators for status updates.

Optional Upgrades and addons upon request:

  • Enhanced Security and Connectivity: Optional (upon request) RFID authorization and WiFi module for scheduled charging.
  • Modular energy counter 3MEM80 for monitoring complete consumption of household and (DLB) dynamic load balancing to prevent overloads.
  • Additional Protection: Modular SPD device available for surge protection or MCB.

Ideal for daily use, the EVC-HOME11 combines efficiency, safety, and ease of use in a sleek package.



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