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Product groups: 26
  • Enclosures, distribution boards, equipment ETIBOX
  • Modular current and residual protective devices ASTI
  • Moulded case circuit breakers and disconnectors ETIBREAK
  • Air circuit breakers ETIPOWER
  • Surge arresters ETITEC
  • Modular, toggle and rotary switches ETISWITCH
  • Switches for panel mounting ETISWITCH
  • Contactors ETICON
  • Automation, signaling and control devices
  • Measuring and control devices ETIMETER
  • Transformers and power supplies ETITRAFO
  • Line-up terminals for TH35 ETICONNECT
  • Fuse links D, D0, C
  • Fuse links NH
  • Fuse links for medium voltage VV/HH
  • Photovoltaic, battery fuses and devices GREEN PROTECT
  • eV charging stations ETICHARGE
  • Special purpose fuses
  • Fuse links for semi conductor protection ULTRA QUICK
  • Reactive power compensation devices CP
  • Industrial plugs, sockets and industrial distribution boxes ETICEE
  • 60 mm busbar system ETIBUSBAR
  • Tools and equipment
  • Plastics
  • Technical ceramics
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