ETIBOX Distribution boards, metal enclosures and free-standing cable distribution cabinets


Distribution boards DIDO

Home distribution board with degre of protection IP30, IP40 and IP 65.

SOLID GSX enclosures system
 Metal enclosures system - safety class 1
NEW! HXS enclosures of SOLID GSX System
 Metal enclosures HXS
Metal enclosures GT Type, IP66

GT-Type metal enclosures cover a wide range of applications both for industrial and civil buildings. They provide high IP protection level, mechanical strength and functionality. They are used in places where electrical equipment is exposed to adverse effect of factors such as water, dust, mechanical impact.

Free-standing cable distribution cabinets KVR

The KVR are DIN size stand-alone thermosetting enclosures with a depth of 320 mm comply with a range of requirements for electrical switchgear.

Accessories for distribution boards

Available accessories for entire ETIBOX program.

Technical data

Technical data for entire ETIBOX program.